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Super-Sticky Secret: Chameleon's Viscous Saliva Helps Trap Preys [Video]

Chameleons never wrap their tongue around their preys during hunting, but they are still vicious predators. New research suggests that it's all thanks to a mucus produced by their tongue.

Animals June 21, 2016

This Robotic Chameleon Can Change Colors Faster Than A Real One

Scientists from China have developed a technology that is able to detect and recreate colors, making it ideal for camouflage for things like military vehicles, and even for body armor.

FUTURE TECH February 7, 2016

Tiny Chameleon Makes Up For Diminutive Size With Strongest, Quickest Tongue (Video)

The smaller the chameleon, the mightier its tongue, study finds. To capture an insect meal, a chameleon's tongue out-accelerates and out-powers that of any other reptile, bird or mammal based on body size and muscle mass.

January 5, 2016

Secret To Chameleons' Color Changing Ability Revealed: Nanocrystals

Researchers of a new study reveal how the chameleon manages to change its color. The reptile has iridophore cells containing nanocrystals that influence how different wavelengths of light are reflected off its skin.

Animals March 11, 2015

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