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Toy Whistle Stuck In Airway Causes 4-Year-Old's 'Whistling Cough'

A 4-year-old child's whistling cough was found to be caused by a toy whistle that was lodged in his airway. Doctors say foreign objects in airways are common, but the whistling made his case rare.

Feature | Health August 12, 2018

New Study Blames Crib Bumpers For Increased Infant Deaths: Here's What Experts Recommend

An increasing number of infants are dying because of accidents related to crib bumpers, according to a new study. Many of the incidents involved babies getting their face caught in the bumpers and suffocating or getting stuck between the padded fabric and another object in the crib.

Life November 27, 2015

Toddler Who Shot Himself In The Head Miraculously Survives

Three months after the tragedy, a three-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself in the head is now in recovery. Doctors say his case is miraculous.

Life November 11, 2015

One-Year-Old Baby In Britain Suffers Serious Burns And Kidney Problems After Drinking Oven Cleaner

After pressing a bottle of oven cleaner to his mouth, Elijah Mole sustained severe burns on his face, mouth, neck and tongue. The accident happened when his dad was cleaning the oven.

Life October 16, 2015

Passengers trapped for hours on Six Flags roller coaster

Six Flags’ Joker’s Jinx roller coaster malfunctioned Sunday, leaving passengers stuck for hours before being rescued.

Internet Culture August 11, 2014

15-month old baby survives fall from 11-story building in Minnesota

A 15 month old boy miraculously survived after falling from the balcony of his parents' apartment at Riverside Plaza Sunday night. Relatives of the boy believe be slipped through the railings.

Life May 16, 2014

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