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Huge Leap Forward In Understanding Autism: 18 New Genes Identified

Extensive DNA scan reveals additional 18 genes associated with autism. Study shows genetic mutations differ for each affected individual, offering a deeper comprehension of the autism spectrum.

Public Health March 7, 2017

No Association Found Between Flu During Pregnancy And Autism Risk In Children

A new study suggests that there is no connection between mothers being infected with the influenza virus during pregnancy and an increased risk of the child to suffer from ASD. The research dismisses one of the myths surrounding this spectrum of diseases.

Public Health December 1, 2016

Parent-Led Early Autism Intervention Reduces Symptoms In Children

Early intervention for children suffering from autism spectrum disorders has been found to be long-term efficient. Communication and severity of the symptoms have improved, especially on children whose parents were part of the treatment.

Public Health October 26, 2016

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