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You Can No Longer Download Apps From The Chrome Web Store: But Why, Google?

Google has officially killed the Apps section on Chrome Web Store, signaling the end of minimally downloaded Chrome Apps. To replace them are Progressive Web Apps, which are more versatile and can work across platforms.

Apps/Software December 7, 2017

Google Chrome To Make Web Apps As Powerful As Native Ones

Soon, you can add web apps to your phone's home screen and app drawer, thanks to Google's Progressive Web Apps. The new feature will make web apps function like native apps in an Android device.

Apps/Software February 5, 2017

Google To Kill Off Support For Chrome Web Apps On Windows, Mac And Linux

Google introduced Chrome web apps in order to address the lacks of apps that Chrome OS had. However, as the open web grew and matured, the need for these apps diminished, and now Google will soon be killing them off entirely.

Google August 20, 2016

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