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Google Chrome Hit By Malicious Extensions, Reached 500,000 Combined Downloads Before They Were Removed

Four malicious extensions have been detected recently on Google Chrome web browser that potentially exposed 500,000 users. The extensions were believed to have been used for a click-fraud scam operation, security firm ICEBRG reported.

Google January 17, 2018

You Can No Longer Download Apps From The Chrome Web Store: But Why, Google?

Google has officially killed the Apps section on Chrome Web Store, signaling the end of minimally downloaded Chrome Apps. To replace them are Progressive Web Apps, which are more versatile and can work across platforms.

Apps/Software December 7, 2017

New 'Just Not Sorry' Gmail Plug-in Is Like Spellcheck For Self-Demeaning Phrases

A software company has developed a new email extension that identifies phrases that may be too soft or disempowering. The plug-in identifies and highlights particular words and word groups and explains why they may be unhelpful.

Apps/Software January 7, 2016

Password Alert Extension For Google Chrome Warns You If You're In Danger Of Phishing

Google has launched Password Alert to help in keeping Google accounts safe on its Chrome browser. This extension will immediately notify to change passwords if users are in danger of phishing.

Internet April 30, 2015

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