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Frogs, Salamanders Face Threat From Killer Fungal Disease: Here's How Humans Are Saving Species From Extinction

Deadly pathogens are killing amphibians all over the world in what has been dubbed as an amphibian apocalypse. In a desperate bid to save frogs, toads, and salamanders, scientists come together for solutions.

Animals April 22, 2019

Fungus Killing Frogs Traced Back To Korea, Raising Concerns On Pet Trade

Scientists traced the origins of the deadly chytrid fungus, which has attacked frog, toad, and salamander populations over recent decades, to the Korean peninsula. The discovery provides an additional argument against pet trade, particularly on amphibians coming from East Asia.

Animals May 10, 2018

Killer Chytrid Amphibian Fungus In Madagascar Threatens To Wipe Out 500 Species Of Frogs

The chytrid fungus, which has now been traced in Madagascar, is fatal for amphibians. The fungus threatens to wipe out about 500 species of frog in the island nation located in the Indian Ocean.

Earth/Environment March 1, 2015

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