Tag: Cosmic Dust

Astronomers Find Dust Ring Floating Around Mercury's Orbit

A pair of solar scientists found Mercury's dust ring while searching for the dust-free region around the sun. The study could aid scientists to understand how planets formed in the solar system billions of years ago.

Space March 13, 2019

Cosmic Dust From Birth Of Solar System Discovered On Rooftops In Paris, Oslo And Berlin

Cosmic dust particles are leftover particles that existed since the formation of the Solar System. These ancient particles were previously found only in Antarctica and the deep ocean.

Space December 6, 2016

Interstellar Dust Captured By NASA's Cassini To Shed Light On Regions Beyond Solar System

Astronomers have detected some interstellar dust passing through the ringed planet, Saturn. These dust particles, discovered to have a similar chemical makeup, could shed light on how planets and stars take shape.

Space April 19, 2016

Surprisingly Old And Dusty Galaxy Discovered

An ancient galaxy has been imaged, and astronomers found vast amounts of dust in the ancient body. Why is this finding so unusual?

Space March 2, 2015

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