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Cuttlefish Unmasked: Secrets Behind The Cephalopod's 3D Camouflage Skills Revealed

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have unmasked some of the cuttlefish's camouflage secrets. Even with the researchers' new findings, there are still more to learn about the cephalopod.

Animals February 17, 2018

Octopuses And Squids Can Rewrite Their Own Genes: How Is This Possible?

The California two-spot octopus is among the smart cephalopods that can edit their RNA codes to adapt to the environment. Just like other species of squids and cuttlefish, this octopus uses gene editing to change neural functions.

Animals April 7, 2017

Cuttlefish Holds Breath To Prevent Sharks From Detecting Electrical Field

For marine species at the bottom of the food chain, life under the sea isn't greener. Researchers found cuttlefish holds its breath to cover electrical fields and evade sharks.

December 6, 2015

'Chameleon of the sea' cuttlefish can teach us a thing or two about camouflage

A new study explores the potential of using protective camouflage technology similar to the biological mechanisms used by cuttlefish for practical applications.

FUTURE TECH January 30, 2014

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