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D.Va Wins Over The Internet In New 'Overwatch' Animated Short

A new 'Overwatch' animated short titled 'Shooting Star' provides a deeper glimpse into the lore behind D.Va, one of the more popular heroes in the multiplayer shooter. The video also served as the introduction to the new 'Overwatch' map.

Video Games August 23, 2018

Massive 'Overwatch' Hero Changes Incoming: D.Va Gains New Skill, While Mercy Loses Her Mass Resurrection Ultimate

Massive changes are coming to 'Overwatch' heroes D.Va and Mercy, leading to mixed reactions from players. D.Va will gain a new skill in exchange for a nerfed Defense Matrix, while Mercy will have her ultimate replaced with something better.

Video Games August 24, 2017

Blizzard Explains Why Overwatch Patch Lowers Armor And Damage Of D.Va: Is The Nerf Really Necessary?

The 1.7 update for 'Overwatch' lowered the armor and damage of gamer girl D.Va, decreasing her survivability and combat effectiveness. D.Va's famous voice line is "nerf this!", but is this really necessary?

Video Games January 13, 2017

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