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Sprint Steps Up Its Game To Now Offer The Cheapest Unlimited Plan For Multiple Lines With HD Video

Sprint announced an improvement to its recently launched unlimited plan that now includes HD video and 10 GB of hotspot data for $50 per line, $90 for two lines and $22.50 per line for four lines.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 16, 2017

Comcast Adds 300GB Data Caps In More States, Says It Wants To Be ‘Fair’ To Customers

Comcast just added towns and cities within the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Virginia to its list of 300 GB data usage capped areas. Those who want an uncapped data plan and unlimited Internet need to pay a hefty premium.

Internet November 7, 2015

Sprint new $100 Family Share Pack plan: Up to 40GB data for up to 10 lines. Disruptive indeed

After long criticizing shared family plans, Sprint takes on a new direction and begins offering the most aggressive shared pricing plans in the mobile market with new CEO Marcelo Claure at its helm.

Business Tech August 19, 2014

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