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'Detective Comics' #943 Introduces A Brand New Team Of Villains, And They're All Victims Of Batman

A group of villains calling themselves The Victim Snydicate has a bone to pick with Batman and his allies in the latest issue of 'Detective Comics'.

Comic Books October 26, 2016

'Detective Comics' #940 Features The Death Of A Major Batman Character, But Not All Is As It Seems

Tragedy strikes Batman in the latest issue of 'Detective Comics.'

Comic Books September 14, 2016

This Major Batman Character May Meet Their End In 'Detective Comics' #940

The upcoming issue sees one of Batman's allies engaged in a battle he can't possibly win.

Comic Books September 12, 2016

Scott Snyder Won't Write 'Detective Comics,' Will Write A New Monthly 'Batman' Comic Instead

Scott Snyder may be leaving DC's most popular comic, but he will still be working on a project involving the Dark Knight.

Movies/TV Shows March 21, 2016

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