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Kepler Space Telescope Detects New Solar System Twins: 1 Hosts 3 Earth-Sized Exoplanets

One of the newly discovered Solar System twins hosts three rocky planets that are similar to Earth’s size. Scientists said the temperatures in these exoplanets could be dozens higher than Earth due to the strong radiation of their stars.

Space June 11, 2018

Astronomers Discover Ancient Solar System with Five Earth-Sized Planets

After researching data collected by NASA's Kepler spacecraft, scientists at the University of Birmingham recently discovered a solar system nearly as old as time itself with a Sun-like star and five Earth-sized planets.

Space January 27, 2015

NASA Looks Back at 2014: From Earth to Mars and Beyond

What were the greatest NASA moments of 2014? One was the discovery of the first-known Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of its star. Check out the others.

Space December 27, 2014

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