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More Than 250 Scientists Warn EMF From Wireless Devices Such as Apple's Airpods Poses Cancer Risk

Scientists signed a petition calling for stronger guidelines on wireless devices They cited scientific studies linking these gadgets to health problems such as cancer. Why are wireless headphones particularly concerning?

Public Health March 13, 2019

How Ghost Hunters Demonstrate Hauntings - And Why It's Mostly Nonsense

From local ghost hunters to the bigwigs on TV, paranormal investigations use the same methods to prove that spirits are all around us. But all their 'findings' can be explained scientifically.

Feature October 31, 2015

Over 100 Experts Warn UN Of The Health Hazards Associated With Wireless Technology

An international team of scientists has appealed to the UN to protect people against the health risks of the mobile phone and other wireless radiation. Tablets, mobile phones and laptops produce EMF radiation, which is the same as microwave range.

May 14, 2015

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