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What’s Causing Mysterious Fairy Circles To Appear? New Study Looks At Both Termites And Plants

Fairy circles have long intrigued scientists, but a team from Princeton has recently shown how the two dominant hypotheses involving termites and plants can jointly explain the mysterious rings.

Earth/Environment January 19, 2017

Fairy Circles In Australia and Namibia: What The Similarities And Differences Are

Researchers may have discovered the likely cause of the formation of barren patches of land in Namibia and Australia known as fairy circles. Both regions share some similarities when it comes to the absorption of water by the soil.

Animals March 18, 2016

What Are Bizarre Fairy Circles Appearing in Australian Outback?

Fairy circles found in Australia are largely the same as similar features found in Africa. What causes these mysterious formations?

March 16, 2016

Where did the 'fairy circles' in the Namibian grasslands come from?

In the myriad of theories about fairy circles, one stood out among the others. As per recent study, it is the “self-organizing” behavior of the vegetation that formed these mysterious circles in the arid grasslands of Namibia in Africa.

Animals May 24, 2014

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