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Accumulation Of Fats In The Brain Could Signal Early Signs Of Parkinson’s

Results of a mice trial showed that high levels of lipids in the brain are directly related to neurodegenerative symptoms. The same concentration of lipids was found in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Neuroscience April 30, 2018

Study Reveals How Saturated Fatty Acids Affect Your Health

Saturated fatty acids, such as those obtained from lard, is harmful to health. Now, researchers have found why and how are they toxic.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 4, 2017

Benefits of Eating Fish During Pregnancy May Outweigh Mercury Risk for Fetus

Pregnant women tend to avoid eating fish because of mercury contamination but researchers found evidence that fatty acids in fish does not just help with brain development. They can also counteract the potential toxic effects of mercury.

Life January 23, 2015

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