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Ancient Iceman Otzi's Last Meal Includes Toxic Fern Bracken

Otzi the Iceman's last meal include wild fat and meat, as well as whole wheat seeds. Researchers also found toxic fern called bracken in his stomach. Why did the ancient hunter ingest the plant?

Ancient July 15, 2018

Woodland Fern Species Is 'Love Child' Of Two Distant Plant Groups

A fern found in France is the product of two plants that evolved into different species 60 million years ago. How could this happen?

February 14, 2015

Crowdfunding science: the search for public interest in research

Some researchers in the U.S. are turning to the public to raise money for scientific research projects when the government and industries cannot offer enough, or any.

Society July 9, 2014

Swedish researchers find 180 million-year-old fern fossil with intact nuclei and chromosomes

Swedish researchers have discovered a remarkably well preserved fern fossil. Many of the fern’s cellular components were also intact allowing scientists a glimpse of the inner workings of a 180 million year old plant cell.

Animals March 23, 2014

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