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Verizon Inks Agreement With Corning For Optical Fiber Deal Worth $1.05 Billion

Verizon is banking on Corning’s fiber optics technology to improve its wireless broadband infrastructure. The deal will last from 2018 until 2020.

Business Tech April 19, 2017

Newly Discovered Light Form Could Transform Fiber Optics

Physicists have discovered a new light form that challenges established theories of angular momentum. If proven to truly exist, the new light form could pave the way for improving fiber optic technology.

Material Science May 18, 2016

Fiber Optics Breakthrough Could Result In Doubling Of Capabilities

A breakthrough in fiber-optics technology could result in the tech doubling its transmission capabilities. While it is already hailed as an extremely fast way to transmit data, it is now set to get even faster.

Internet June 26, 2015

Google Confirms Roll Out of Google Fiber to Four Metro Areas, 18 Cities

Google's high-speed fiber optic Internet service that brings 1GB per second of broadband network will be coming to Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham. The roll out will be in 18 cities in these four metros in the near term.

Internet January 29, 2015

Glass might be the key to super-fast computers of the future. Here's why

Scientists have discovered a way to transmit and process computer data at lightning speed using material made from manipulated glass. It should take about 10 years before the technology is deployed to computers.

Computers November 11, 2014

Google: Undersea cables face new threat - sharks

Google reveals that it reinforces its undersea cables as a precaution from shark attacks. It also helps to ensure other animals are not injured by the glass fibers present.

Internet August 17, 2014

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