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Rainbow Cloud In Costa Rica Triggers 'End Of Times' Panic, But Scientists Have An Explanation

A stunning cloud formation was recently spotted in Costa Rica, causing some to suggest that the end times are near. The cloud formation however has a scientific explanation and has been observed multiple times before.

Animals September 19, 2015

Strange Iridescent Cloud Formations In Costa Rica Linked To End Of Times

A strange formation of iridescent clouds was spotted billowing in the sky above several Costa Rican cities this week, causing some people on social media to speculate that it could be a sign of the end of times.

Earth/Environment September 19, 2015

Sky-Watchers Snap Rare 'Fire Rainbow' In South Carolina: How They Form

A magnificent fire rainbow appeared in the skies over Isle of Palms which captured the attention of many and turned out to be a hit on social media.

Earth/Environment August 23, 2015

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