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Genetically Modified Malaria-Fighting Mosquitoes Endorsed By Bill Gates

Bill Gates endorses the use of the promising but controversial gene-editing tools to develop genetically modified, malaria-fighting mosquitoes. These gene-edited mosquitoes are already flying in labs and could potentially eradicate malaria.

Biotech June 18, 2016

Gene Editing Promising But Potentially Dangerous: Scientists

A new report concludes that while gene editing promises great advancements, it can also be potentially dangerous. The panel of scientists concludes that it's too early to release genetically altered organisms such as insects, plants and animals into the environment.

Biotech June 9, 2016

Controversial New Technology Gene Drive Could Be Used To Extinguish Zika Virus

The hotly debated gene drive, which uses the gene splicing technology CRISPR, is looking to wipe out the Zika-causing Aedes aegypti mosquito population. However, there could be unforeseen consequences as well, warned ecologists and other experts.

Life February 8, 2016

Government Experts Concerned About Possible Bioterrorism Using GM Organisms

Scientists are concerned that the gene drive technology, which could speed up the spread of genetically modified genes in disease-spreading species such as mosquitoes, can be used by terrorists to cause harm to humans and the environment.

August 5, 2015

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