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Blame This Hominin Species For Giving Modern Humans Genital Herpes

Scientists have identified the hominin species responsible for passing genital herpes to our ancient human ancestors. Here's how the virus possibly managed to jump the species barriers.

Ancient October 2, 2017

Pregnant Women With Genital Herpes Twice As Likely To Have Child With Autism

Pregnant women with genital herpes are at higher risk of having a child with autism spectrum disorder. The study shows that inflammation during pregnancy may have effect on the developing brain of the fetus.

Public Health February 24, 2017

Constipation Could Be A Herpes Symptom: Yale Study

Researchers warn that developing chronic constipation may actually be a sign of a viral infection. Their study showed that the herpes virus can travel from the genital area to the colon, where it can cause severe damage to the digestive tract.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 11, 2016

Two Out Of Three People Under 50 Have Herpes: WHO

WHO reported that roughly 3.7 billion people, aged 0 to 49 years old, have herpes. The development of HSV-1 and HSV-2 vaccines becomes a global concern.

Life October 30, 2015

Experimental drug pritelivir reduces viral shedding among genital herpes patients

A preliminary study shows that experimental drug pritelivir reduces viral shedding in people with genital herpes, raising the possibility that there may be a medication someday to cure the incurable disease.

Life January 16, 2014

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