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Deadly Nepal Quake Lifted Some Regions, While Mount Everest Is Now Shorter Than It Was

Radar satellite measurements yield precise data on ground movement during the catastrophic Nepal earthquake. Large areas were lifted vertically, while other areas saw a slight lowering.

Animals April 30, 2015

Scientists Determine That Life Exists Deep Beneath Earth's Surface

New research by Yale University suggests that microbes exist at least 12 miles below the Earth's surface, perhaps changing what we know about life and how we'll find it on other planets.

Animals February 8, 2015

Swarm mission uncovers Earth's weak point

European satellite mission detects weakening in Earth's magnetic field. Field is what keeps us safe from cosmic rays.

Space June 24, 2014

Massive oceans of water hiding 400 miles under Earth’s surface

Scientists simulate melting of water-containing rocks deep in Earth's interior, find strong evidence of large water reservoir in boundary 400 miles below surface of planet.

Animals June 14, 2014

Vast ocean lays under Earth mantle, may be wellspring for world's oceans

Huge reservoirs of water may exist 400 miles beneath Earth's surface, study suggests. Water may be bound up in minerals deep in the planet's mantle, researchers find.

Animals June 13, 2014

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