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Palaeontologists Discover Fossils Of First Giant Dinosaur In Argentina

Ingentia prima, which lived 210 million years ago during the Triassic Period, was an early member of the dinosaur group, sauropods. How was it different from its later relatives?

Animals November 5, 2018

Chromosome Duplication Makes Giants

Researchers zero in on a gene that may cause gigantism, a condition causing abnormal growth in children. Duplication of a part of the X chromosome may be behind it, they say.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 4, 2014

Novartis reports efficacy of Signifor LAR for acromegaly after Phase III trial

Sufferers of acromegaly, a rare condition often linked with gigantism, may soon have a new option for treatment as Novartis announced positive results of the final-phase trial of its Signifor LAR therapy.

Life May 7, 2014

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