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Glowing Fluorescent Chemical Could Help Neurosurgeons Remove Brain Tumors

Scientists tested the use of the chemical 5-ALA during surgery to help doctors easily identify cancer tumor in the brain. This, they said, can help improve brain surgery survival rate.

Neuroscience November 5, 2018

9-Year-Old Boy With Brain Tumor Has Testicular Tissue Frozen To Restore Fertility In The Future

John Radcliffe Hospital surgeons removed and froze part of a 9-year-old brain tumor patient's testicular tissue for future reimplantation. Testicular tissue freezing is hoped to be as effective as ovarian tissue freezing, which had produced live births for women.

Life December 23, 2015

Long-term Use of Hormonal Contraceptives Doubles Your Risk of Brain Tumors

Researchers reveal that the use of hormonal contraceptives over a long period increases the risk of brain tumors by 50 percent. Women may be at a higher risk of contracting glioma, a rare type of brain tumor.

Life January 22, 2015

Chemotherapy plus radiation may give brain tumor patients better chance of survival

Results of a clinical trial suggests that patients with low-grade glioma, a form of brain tumor, can live longer if they receive chemotherapy and follow it up with radiation.

Life February 9, 2014

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