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Google Classroom Gets Numerous Updates: New Notifications For Teachers, Individualized Work For Students, And More

Apart from adding the ability to assign different workloads, both teachers and administrators can now track the progress of their students with specific notifications in Google Classroom.

Google January 16, 2017

Google Spied On School Kids And Collected Their Data, EFF Alleges In FTC Complaint

The EFF accused Google of collecting information on school kids, a clear violation to the Student Privacy Pledge. The practice was uncovered in the EFF ‘Spying on Students’ campaign.

Legal December 2, 2015

Want 2GB Extra Google Drive Storage? Complete This Google Security Checkup

Google is giving away an extra 2GB of space on Google Drive to those who perform a security checkup on their account by Feb. 17. The gift of extra space will be a permanent feature in the users' Drive storage.

Internet February 12, 2015

Google Drive for Education launched: Unlimited storage (and more) comes to educators and students

Google launched Drive for Education, which offers free, unlimited storage to all Apps for Education users. The service will be available in the coming weeks.

Apps/Software October 2, 2014

Google Classroom now available for users of Google Apps for Education

Google has launched a new tool which would cater to both teachers and students. It is aimed to create easier collaboration between educators and students, and promote a paperless classroom.

Apps/Software August 16, 2014

Google Classroom app connects teachers and students - The dog ate my homework-NOT

Google in making great inroads with education in America. A new app for education, called Google Classroom, is designed to help students and teachers communicate about assignments and grades. Will Google take over the classroom one app at a time?

Apps/Software May 6, 2014

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