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GPS Chips In Next Year's Smartphones Can Track Your Location Very Accurately

New GPS chips by Broadcom will start to appear in smartphones starting next year. The new chips will drastically improve GPS accuracy, which will make apps such as Waze, Uber, and 'Pokémon GO' work even better.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 25, 2017

Pokémon GO GPS Drift: Some Players Are Hatching Eggs Without Walking

Some 'Pokémon GO' players are reporting that the game's GPS drift is greater than ever and they're able to hatch eggs with little to no walking involved. On the other hand, the inaccurate in-game GPS tracker seems to be making things worse for other players.

Video Games February 21, 2017

Woman Recovers Stolen iPad And MacBook Pro After Apple's 'Find My Phone' Pinpoints Exact Location

The 'Find my Phone' app helped a lot of users track and retrieve their lost or stolen devices. Read the story of a woman who lost her iPad and Macbook Pro, and managed to get them back.

Apps/Software January 20, 2016

Cat Lovers, You Might Want To Buy Weenect's GPS Collar For Felines

French company Weenect launches a new tracking device made particularly for cats. Dubbed the ‘Weenect Cats GPS tracker,’ it works by being attached to the cat’s neck in order to track and send data on the cat’s location.

Wearable Tech October 16, 2015

Northern Gannets Tracked Using 3G Networks: Seabirds Fly 500 Miles To Find Food

Wildlife experts in the United Kingdom have launched an experimental project called Tag A Gannet (TAG), which aims to monitor the flight path of northern gannets during their fishing trips to the English Channel.

Earth/Environment June 23, 2015

Why do seals love offshore wind farms? Food, of course

A new research has revealed that offshore wind farms are becoming attractive food hunting areas for seals. It’s still unknown whether this will bring positive or negative implications.

Society July 25, 2014

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