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Study Finds Link Between Body Fat Levels And Brain Shrinkage

Researchers investigated the potential link between obesity and brain shrinkage. They found that a higher percentage of body fat, especially among men, is associated with low amounts of gray matter in the brain.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 24, 2019

Study Finds Link Between High Waist-To-Hip Ratio And Smaller Brains

Belly fat is not just bad for heart health. A new study involving nearly 10,000 people found a link between having excess belly fat and brain shrinkage, which has been tied to an increased risk for memory decline and dementia.

Public Health January 10, 2019

Astronaut MRIs Show How Spaceflight Alters Brain Shape

MRI scans done on more than 20 astronauts reveal new results on how microgravity can affect the human brain. The team finds, for instance, that astronauts' brains compress and expand during spaceflight.

Space February 2, 2017

Brains May Not Yet Fully Mature Until After Age 30

Grown-ups may still have immature brains. Neuroscientists said that the brain continues to actively develop past 18 years old and may still undergo changes until the early 30s.

Neuroscience December 24, 2016

Motherhood Can Change You: Pregnancy Alters The Brain For At Least Two Years

New mothers experience reduction of gray matter in certain regions in their brain. The changes, which last for at least two years, help women adapt to motherhood.

Neuroscience December 20, 2016

What Happens Inside Women's Brains During Pregnancy? There Is An Increase In Gray Matter

Women undergo a lot of bodily changes during pregnancy but a recent study showed that neurological changes also occur. The gray matter of the brain regions increases in volume and helps in regulating certain responses related to the reward system.

Neuroscience May 1, 2016

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