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Man Severely Injured In Hunting Accident Is World's Oldest Face Transplant Recipient

A 64-year-old man is the world's oldest face transplant recipient after his successful surgery in Canada. Now four months after his surgery, the man is said to be doing well.

Medicine September 15, 2018

Every Day, 19 Kids In The United States Are Killed Or Injured In Shootings

Shootings in the United States are responsible for at least 19 deaths or injuries among children, a new report has warned. The study underscores the urgency of tackling gun violence today, as well as preventing child deaths from shootings.

Public Health June 19, 2017

Apple iPhone 5c Saves British Man's Life By Catching Shotgun Blast

People who want 'premium' may sneer at the iPhone 5c's plastic case, but this 'cheap-looking' iPhone has actually saved a life.

Society May 23, 2015

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