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CDC Credibility Threatened By 'Inconsistent' Laboratory Protocols

The credibility of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is threatened over its lab protocols. The CDC is taking steps to improve its internal operations.

Life March 20, 2015

Myanmar Attempts To Contain Oubreak Of H5N1 By Culling Chickens

Bird flu is back in Myanmar, prompting officials to turn to culling chickens to prevent the H5N1 virus from spreading in the poultry industry. Controlling the outbreak in the industry also helps in protecting people.

Life February 26, 2015

H5N1 bird flu mere 5 mutations away from spreading to people: How to protect yourself?

Health officials have long feared that the H5N1 bird flu virus will jump to human population. Now, a team of researchers published a study detailing how this could be possible. It's scary.

Life April 13, 2014

South Korea on red alert after bird flu outbreak prompts culling of nearly 100,000 poultry

South Korea has confirmed outbreak of H5N8, a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu, prompting the government to send out a red alert and order culling of nearly 100,000 poultry in the southwestern part of the country.

Life January 20, 2014

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