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New Strain Of Chinese Bird Flu Linked To 'Disease X' Kills 38 Percent Of People Infected

A new strain of bird flu in China called H7N9 has killed 38 percent of people infected it. It has already been linked to Disease X, the unknown pathogen named by the World Health Organization.

Public Health June 15, 2018

Just 3 Genetic Mutations Could Make Bird Flu Strain Fuel Another Human Pandemic: Study

A few genetic tweaks to the H7N9 bird flu virus can pave the way for another human pandemic, researchers have warned. Learn more about these genetic tweaks to a property of the bird flu virus and how likely human transmission is.

Public Health June 16, 2017

Hong Kong Suspends Sale Of Live Chickens Over Bird Flu Concerns

There might not be any chicken supply for this week's Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong due to bird flu concerns. After droppings tested positive for the H7N9 bird flu strain, Hong Kong has halted the sale of live chicken.

Public Health June 6, 2016

Hong Kong's First Deadly Bird Flu Case This Winter: 68-Year-Old Woman Diagnosed with H7N9

Officials say first case of bird flu in Hong Kong this winter was "imported" in woman returning from mainland China. Woman remains in intensive care in Hong Kong hospital.

Life December 29, 2014

H7N9 bird flu may turn into outbreak in China, 2 deaths confirmed

Two deaths caused by the H7N9 Bird Flu virus have already been confirmed by Chinese authorities. Experts are growing increasingly concerned of a possible outbreak.

Life January 25, 2014

Hong Kong gets H7N9 bird flu scare

Hong Kong has reported its first case of the deadly H7N9 bird flu virus.

Life December 4, 2013

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