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Controversial Hippo Culling In Zambia To Commence In May

A controversial hippo culling is scheduled to happen in Zalbie this May. Activists and animal rights groups are protesting the plan, asking the government to immediately stop it.

Animals February 24, 2019

Hippo Poop Can Literally Kill Fish In Rivers: Study

In the Mara River, more than 4,000 hippos excrete 9.3 tons of waste every day. When it decomposes, it depletes oxygen levels and creates chemicals toxic to fish, potentially killing them.

Animals May 17, 2018

Anthrocotheres Fossils Suggest Hippo Ancestors Are Related To Whales, Dolphins

Fossil remains of the Epirigenys lokonensis show that the hippo originated from the forefather of the anthracothere, an extinct family of animals linked with whales and dolphins.

Animals February 25, 2015

Pablo Escobar hippopotamus population now invasive in Columbia

Hippopotamuses owned by Pablo Escobar outlived their owner, and are now becoming an invasive species in the near-ideal climate.

Animals June 29, 2014

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