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Splitting Images Of Quasars Helps Researchers Understand Expansion Of The Universe

Researchers claimed that the redshift of split images of a quasar can help scientists produce a new estimate of the Hubble Constant. The new technique might help settle the debate on how fast the universe is expanding.

Space January 23, 2019

Astronomers Use Improved Hubble Telescope To Measure Expansion Rate Of The Universe

The universe is expanding at a faster rate, and astronomers have updated the measurements using the improved Hubble Telescope. However, there is a need to determine what causes the discrepancies of the Hubble Constant.

Space February 24, 2018

The Universe Is Expanding Faster Than Expected: Here’s New Proof

Astronomers led by Sherry Suyu of the Max Planck Institute in Germany have found that the universe is expanding faster than expected. They updated the Hubble Constant to a higher rate at 44.7 miles per second per megaparsec.

Space January 28, 2017

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