Tag: Human Origins

Fossils Discovered In Morocco Shatters Our Understanding Of Mankind's Origins

Homo Sapiens remains discovered in Morocco have challenged the accepted view of humanity's origins. The new discoveries predate similar finds by about 100,000 years.

Ancient June 8, 2017

Zircon crystal found in Australian sheep ranch is 4.4 bn years old. Yes, as old as Earth's crust

Scientists have identified the oldest known gem in the world, a fragment of Zircon from Australia. The Zircon crystal is older than life itself and was formed after the planet first cooled down billions of years ago.

Animals February 26, 2014

Creation versus Evolution Debate: Bill Nye-Ken Ham verbal duel ends in stalemate

Hundreds of thousands of people were glued to the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham in Kentucky on creation versus evolution.

Animals February 5, 2014

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