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Ancient Iceman Otzi's Last Meal Includes Toxic Fern Bracken

Otzi the Iceman's last meal include wild fat and meat, as well as whole wheat seeds. Researchers also found toxic fern called bracken in his stomach. Why did the ancient hunter ingest the plant?

Ancient July 15, 2018

Scientists Reveal What Ötzi the Iceman's Last Meal Was 5,300 Years Ago

Researchers found that Ötzi, the Iceman discovered in 1991, had indulged in a diet of high fatty meat as his last meal before he died. The Iceman died over 5,000 years ago and was found in the Alps.

Neuroscience July 12, 2018

Scientists Discover That Ötzi The Iceman Sharpened His Tools 33 Hours Before He Was Killed

A new study revealed the events that likely led up to the death of Ötzi the Iceman. Scientists also examined the tools that Ötzi the Iceman had on him during his death.

Ancient June 21, 2018

Iceman Otzi's Maternal Genetic Line Is Now Extinct

Mystery solved. Researchers finally concluded that Iceman Ötzi's maternal lineage is now extinct. The Ötzi iceman lived over 5,300 years ago in the Eastern Alps.

Animals January 15, 2016

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