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Child Finds $40K Worth Of Meth Inside Lego Box From Thrift Store

Local authorities in Georgia report that a 10-year-old child stumbled upon a package containing methamphetamine. The illegal drugs were stored inside a Lego set bought from a store in South Carolina.

Public Health May 9, 2019

FDA, International Regulators Take Action Against Online Drug Stores Selling Illegal Prescription Meds

The FDA worked with other international agencies to take action against online drug pharmacies that sell illegal prescription drugs. The agency already called for the suspension of more than 4,000 websites as part of Operation Pangea IX.

Medicine June 10, 2016

Ford Develops Drugged-Driving Suit To Show What It's Like To Drive Under The Influence [Video]

Ford manufactured a suit that simulates the driving-impairing effects of multiple illegal drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, LSD, Ecstasy and marijuana. Part of the Ford Driving Skills for Life program, the results of the suit testing were bone-chilling.

FUTURE TECH November 23, 2015

ESL Makes Good On Promise For Pro-Gamer Drug Tests

The Electronic Sports League reported that it will launch its anti-doping program by the start of their next tournament on Aug. 22 in order to properly screen competitive gamers for illegal substances.

Life August 13, 2015

Flakka To Blame For Bizarre Incidents In Florida: Things To Know About This Synthetic Drug

The latest drug that has law enforcement and health officials worried is Flakka, which can cause irrational behavior and is viewed as a second generation bath salt. It can be snorted, injected or swallowed.

Internet Culture April 30, 2015

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