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Two Children Made Their Own Card Game When They Couldn’t Afford To Buy One

Two children found a way around not having enough money for trading card games by making one of their own. ‘Creature Cards’ is proof that your imagination can take you places.

Internet Culture February 4, 2016

GE Neuro VR Oculus App Lets Users Explore The Mind Of A Musician

GE in collaboration with VR creative studio Kite & Lightning debuted its new Oculus app that lets viewers explore the mind of musician Reuben Wu.

Apps/Software September 2, 2015

What's The Difference Between Imagination And Reality In The Brain?

Researchers discover that the differences between imagination and reality in the brain lie in the way information moves through the brain's circuits: imagination and reality flow opposite of each other.

Internet Culture November 21, 2014

Imagination faces off against Intel, AMD in 64-bit chip battle

Imagination has released its first MIPS64 processor, the i6400. The company hopes this processor will be enough to compete with the likes of Intel and ARM.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 2, 2014

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