Tag: Kidney Health

'Kidney On A Chip' Can Determine Right Drug Dosage, Prevent Kidney Damage

Researchers developed a 'kidney on a chip' device that allows delivery of precise drug dosages. The technique also helps scientists examine the effects of drugs on human kidney cells.

Biotech May 6, 2016

Kidneys Have Innate Clock That Influence Metabolic Processes Of The Body

Researchers demonstrate how the kidney's innate circadian clock affects metabolic processes in the body. These variations are crucial to the levels of lipids, amino acids and other blood components in the body.

Life April 11, 2016

Kidney Function May Be Better Indicator Of Cardiovascular Health

Poor kidney health may bring its own complications, but a study has found that low kidney function may be used as an indicator of heart health and associated cardiovascular risks.

Life June 2, 2015

Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease Should Avoid Meat-Rich, Highly Acidic Diet: Here's Why

Meat-eaters, beware! Researchers have found that consuming a lot of meat, which results in a diet high in acid, influences the progression of chronic kidney disease.

Life February 16, 2015

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