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Facebook To Tap High-Speed Laser Communications For Wireless Internet

Facebook recently unveiled that its team at Connectivity Lab crafted a way to put high-speed internet in the hands of isolated communities. The device relies on lasers and luminescence, and we broke down how it works.

Internet July 20, 2016

Laser-based broadband connection will let you watch Earth-based TV shows on the moon

A new Internet connection for spacecraft can download more than 100 songs a second.

Space June 4, 2014

Is the moon the next Wi-Fi hotspot for Earth?

NASA, MIT successfully test broadband connections between the Earth and the moon. The data rate achieved with lasers beats any Wi-Fi on Earth.

Space June 3, 2014

How the Man on the Moon has a better internet connection than you do

Radio communication is no longer suitable for modern space travel. A new laser network can transmit data much faster than most internet services on the Earth.

Space February 23, 2014

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