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University Students Made Environment Friendly Bricks Using Human Urine

The so-called bio-bricks were made using human urine collected from men’s toilet, sand, and bacteria that produce urase. What makes these bio-bricks better than limestone bricks?

Material Science October 28, 2018

Oolitic Limestones Used To Build Pentagon, Empire State Building Are Made Of Dinosaur-Era Microbes

The Pentagon, Empire State Building, and the Buckingham Palace used oolitic limestones as building materials. Researchers revealed these stones were made of microbes dating back from the Jurassic Period.

Feature | Science January 22, 2018

Florida gets another sinkhole: Why do they keep happening?

Sinkholes are forming in a mobile home park in Florida, but what is driving these potentially hazardous formations?

Life November 12, 2014

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