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Bristol Academic Gerard Cheshire Claims To Have Solved Mystery Of 15th Century Voynich Manuscript

The book "nobody can read" gets a new explanation from a Bristol academic who said it's not a code but an extinct language. However, critics remain skeptical about the linguist's claims.

Ancient May 18, 2019

How And When Did Early Humans Migrate To New World? Big Data Has The Answer

New linguistic analysis, employing computational methods, confirms the waves of migration to America. The early populations who inhabited America had extremely diverse languages.

Ancient February 24, 2017

WordsEye Uses AI To Turn Your Words Into 3D Images

This website and upcoming app allows users to create 3D scenes just by describing what they imagine using text.

Apps/Software April 22, 2016

Climate And Environment May Have Influenced Evolution Of Human Languages

Words are powerful, be it spoken or written. Linguists found a link between words and the climate in which it evolved, and the findings will be presented at the Acoustical Society of America.

Arts & Culture November 5, 2015

Where Did Ancestor Of Indo-European Languages Originate?

Two studies attempt to settle the debate on where in the world the ancestral tongue of all Indo-European languages was born. Evidence points to the vast steppe region in what is today Ukraine and Russia.

February 18, 2015

Map shows where in the U.S. people use 'uh' versus 'um'

A map shows where in the U.S. people use "uh" versus "um." The results show that the midland states prefer "um" while "uh" is most popular on the coasts.

Internet Culture August 14, 2014

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