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Low-Sugar Diet May Help Reverse Liver Damage: 5 Ways To Reduce Sugar Intake

Eating too much sugar has several negative effects on our body such as increased risks for heart disease and breast cancer. Now, a new study in Oregon found that a low-sugar diet can help reverse liver damage.

Life January 15, 2016

High-Fat Diet Could Damage Your Brain: Here's How

A groundbreaking study found that high-fat diets can prompt active immune cells in the brain to become inactive and begin consuming neuron connections. Going back to a low-fat diet after two months on the high-fat diet trend could reverse the cognitive shrinkage.

Life December 1, 2015

Low Fat Diets Do Not Work For Long Term Weight Loss: Harvard Research Reveals Why

Harvard researchers found low-fat diets do not have long-term benefits for weight control. Health experts suggest high fat, low carb diet regimens work better for long-term weight loss.

Life November 22, 2015

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