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Malaria Parasite Tricks Liver Cells In Order To Survive And Reproduce

Researchers found that the malaria parasite, Plasmodium, can take advantage of liver cells to survive and reproduce. The finding, said the researchers, could lead them to develop new drugs that would help treat malaria even before any symptoms appear.

Medicine May 23, 2018

Drug Causing Blue Urine Could Prevent Transmission Of Malaria

Who would’ve thought that something as an ordinary dye could solve a deadly epidemic? Researchers may have finally found the solution to prevent malaria transmission but it has some strange side effects.

Public Health February 10, 2018

The Upside To Anemia: Iron Deficiency Protects Children From Malaria, Says Study

Iron deficiency, the most common condition worldwide associated with poor nutrition, was found to be interestingly beneficial against malaria. The research suggesting this correlation also implies a genetic mechanism for this process.

Medicine January 8, 2017

Promising Malaria Vaccine Works By Disabling Key Parasite Genes

New research found a way to stop malaria from attacking the liver, which is the first stage of the process the infection follows once installed into the body. Researchers believe they have reached a critical milestone.

Medicine January 6, 2017

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