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Apple Drones For Apple Maps To Improve Services And Challenge Google Maps: iOS Indoor Mapping Also In The Cards

Apple has been tirelessly working on improving its Maps and it reportedly has big plans for the future. The company plans to use drones to infuse Apple Maps with a range of fresh data to challenge Google Maps, and some indoor mapping is reportedly in the cards as well.

Apple December 1, 2016

Uber Lands Maps And Traffic Data From TomTom For 'Best-In-Class Service'

Uber and TomTom just announced a global multi-year deal that will see TomTom's maps and traffic data packed onto the Uber Driver App. Uber will license traffic navigation and mapping services from TomTom in more than 300 cities.

Deals November 12, 2015

iOS 9 Apple Maps 3D Flyover Adds New Cities, Castles And Countries

Apple has expanded the coverage of its 3D Flyover feature in Apple Maps on iOS 9, adding more cities, castles and countries across the world. Important metropolitan cities and popular tourist destinations such as Paris, New York or London, meanwhile, get Apple Maps 3D Flyover guided tours.

Apps/Software September 29, 2015

Uber Bids For HERE Mapping Service For $3 Billion

The ride-sharing service has jumped into the pool of interested buyers for Nokia's service. It's clearly going to be a battle given all the big names that want to own the service and the data.

Business May 8, 2015

Google Maps comes with 'embed' feature

Google has now introduced the option to embed map feature in websites.

Apps/Software November 28, 2013

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