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Smart Mattress Will Notify You If You're Partner Is Cheating - Or Rocking The Bed

The Smarttress is a smart mattress that will let you know if you're partner is up to no good, detecting whenever there's someone using your bed in a 'questionable way.'

FUTURE TECH April 20, 2016

Video Shows Why Your Bed Is Good Breeding Ground For Dust Mites

A gruesome video shows how many dust mites are thriving all over your bed. Dust mites breed in warm, moist environments. Their poops cause eczema, dry eyes, cough and even rhinitis.

Life November 30, 2015

10 Million: Number Of Dust Mites Sharing The Bed With You

Bed and dust mites may be the reason you're sniffling from what you may think are allergies. But it could be "sick bed syndrome" and while not lethal, it's clearly not healthy.

Life May 3, 2015

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