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FDA May Approve First Marijuana-Derived Epilepsy Drug: But Why Are Some Parents Worried?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will soon decide whether it will approve Epidiolex, a cannabis-derived epilepsy drug from GW Pharmaceuticals. However, some Americans are worried about what the implications will be on existing laws on cannabis products.

Medicine June 20, 2018

Obama Says Kids Should Care Less About Weed And More About Jobs And Peace

In a recent interview, President Obama said that young Americans should care more about political issues like climate change and jobs rather than the legalization of marijuana.

Internet Culture March 17, 2015

10 percent of Americans get high before work

A new poll found that one in ten American workers show up to work high after smoking marijuana. While many employees smoke before work, it was more common for workers to take prescription pills.

Internet Culture September 19, 2014

Pot edibles taking the cake now that medicinal marijuana is on the books

The days of the pot brownie are long gone. Now there are lollipops, cooking oils and snack bars. The new edible pot industry is taking off in a big way.

Life July 18, 2014

Hello, Vancouver and your pot vending machine. Ah, restricted to members of B.C. Pain Society.

B.C. Pain Society has started operating Canada's first marijuana vending machine. Health Canada said such business is illegal but dispensaries are being allowed to offer questionable services until ongoing legal challenges are settled.

Life May 9, 2014

Green Leaf Medicinals, Health Canada recall Purple Kush medical marijuana before 4-20

Greenleaf Medicinals recalled a batch of marijuana for unclear reasons. The recall comes after Health Canada's inspection yielded "questionable production practices" by the medical marijuana supplier.

Life April 22, 2014

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