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Scientists Want To Create 'Noah's Ark' For Beneficial Microbes

Scientists proposed a frozen bank that will keep microbiota from all over the world for future generations. Those who are involved in the project will have to collect microbiota from even the most isolated communities.

Earth/Environment October 7, 2018

Some Types Of Bacteria Can Increase Odds Of Premature Birth

Researchers found that some microbial environments inside the body may contribute to premature births. The findings of a new study suggest that checking the microbiota of women during early gestation may provide an insight of pregnancy outcomes.

Life August 18, 2015

Meet Microbiota, Set Of Gut Bacteria That Can Prevent Type 1 Diabetes

Scientists discovered how gut bacteria can help in preventing the formation of type 1 diabetes. In an experiment on mice, the scientists saw that the presence of gut bacteria leads to the production of cathelicidins that fight immune-related diseases.

Life August 11, 2015

80 Million: Number of Bacteria That Can Transfer in 10-Second Kiss

More than 80 million bacteria are transferred from one person to another while kissing, but don’t get disgusted. A bacteria-swapping kiss is actually good for you.

Life November 18, 2014

Got allergies? Gut bacteria to the rescue

Have food allergies? A gut bacteria can help you fight off these allergens, says a new study. Here’s how it does it.

Life August 26, 2014

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