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Researchers Say 1000-Year-Old Tapestries Might Prove The Existence Of The Mysterious 'Planet Nine'

Researchers believe that medieval tapestries might contain proof that 'Planet Nine' exists in the solar system. Scientists are still searching the skies trying to find the mysterious planet.

Space May 4, 2018

Skeleton Of Pilgrim Sheds Light On How Leprosy Spread In Medieval Europe

A skeleton of a young pilgrim who died of leprosy during the Middle Ages has shown another means leprosy spread in Europe during medieval times. The man may have contracted the disease during his travels.

Feature | Health January 27, 2017

Second War of the Roses looms over Richard III remains as British court plays referee

Is the second War of the Roses already being fought in England's judicial system? And why do the remains of one man - Richard III - mean so much to the English people?

Animals March 13, 2014

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