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One Concussion Could Increase A Person's Chance Of Getting Parkinson's Disease to 56 Percent

A new study has been conducted to show that getting at least one concussion puts the person at risk of getting Parkinson's disease. This neurological disorder affects the central nervous system.

Neuroscience April 20, 2018

New Study Reveals How Blasts From Explosives Damage Brains Of Combat Veterans

Mild traumatic brain injury is called the “signature injury” of former soldiers who served in the recent Afghanistan and Iraq wars caused by repeated explosive blasts. For the first time, researchers have found where and how it happens in the brain.

Life January 14, 2016

Imaging Study On Brain Injuries Finds Scars Can Help Detect Concussions

Researchers at the Walter Reed National Military Center found that approximately 52 percent of more than 800 participants in a study on mild brain injuries were found to have scar-like abnormalities. The findings reveal that current methods for diagnosing concussions may not reveal the long-term damage.

Life December 22, 2015

Brain injuries increase chances of dementia in older adults

Older adults are at a higher risk for many conditions. Falling and incurring brain injury, though, brings about an increased risk for dementia, according to a study.

Life October 29, 2014

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