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Moonshot No More: Beresheet 2 No Longer Going To The Moon

It is a moonshot no more as SpaceIL cancels Beresheet 2. The team will be pursuing new challenges, as another moon mission is 'not challenging enough' for the team.

Space June 28, 2019

Alphabet Moonshot Projects Lose $802 Million In Q1 2016

Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company, has recently announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2016. The report shows that its losses from Other Bets companies have widened to more than $800 million.

Business Tech April 24, 2016

White House Wants $1 Billion Budget For Biden's Cancer 'Moonshot'

The White House wants to propose $1 billion worth of funds for the Obama administration's cancer 'moonshot' project. The budget will be used to speed up research and hopefully come up with new ways to treat and diagnose cancer.

Life February 2, 2016

Google X guru tapped by White House as chief tech leader

The White House appoints one of Google's brightest minds as chief technology officer. Megan Smith, the first woman to fill the position, is flanked by a former Twitter lawyer as deputy CTO.

Society September 4, 2014

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