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Mysterious Whale Skull From The 1980s Confirmed As Narwhal-Beluga Hybrid

After nearly 30 years, the mystery behind the odd-looking whale skull in Denmark has been solved. Evidently, the creature it belonged to was 54 percent beluga and 46 percent narwhal.

Animals June 20, 2019

LOOK: Beluga Whale Pod Appears To Adopt Lost Narwhal

A lost narwhal was seen with a beluga whale pod in Canada's St. Lawrence River for the third year in a row. The narwhal was behaving as though he was "one of the boys."

Animals September 16, 2018

'Freeze-Flee' Response: Narwhals' Confused Response Could Cost Them Their Lives

Narwhals are often called the 'unicorn of the sea' because of the long tusks protruding from their heads. New research finds that human interference in their habitats are making them particularly vulnerable.

Animals December 8, 2017

What Are Narwhal Tusks For? Drone Footage Of The Toothed Whales Off Waters In Canada Offers Answer [Video]

Drone footage of narwhals confirms one theory about how they use their mysterious tusk. Watch how these toothed whales use their protruding tooth.

Animals May 13, 2017

Narwhal tusk - Scientists finally solve its real purpose

The unicorns of the sea are unusual. Now we know why they have that unusual horn.

Animals March 20, 2014

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