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Bill Says Companies Would Own The Rights Mining For Resources In Space

A bill passed in May by the House of Representatives says that private companies would own the rights to the resources they extract from asteroids and other space ventures. The bill is awaiting decision by the Senate.

FUTURE TECH September 24, 2015

Algae May Be Next Big Thing In Clean Energy Production

Scientists are looking forward to growing and harvesting algae that will allow them to extract a natural source of biofuel. Abundant, clean and easy to process, algae can produce energy for transportation equivalent to the energy in biofuel produced by crops that cover a land mass three times the U.S.

Energy August 18, 2015

Even with population control, our future would still be unsustainable

Human population growth is putting a significant strain on the environment, and there is not much that can stop it, researchers warn.

Earth/Environment October 28, 2014

Massive oceans of water hiding 400 miles under Earth’s surface

Scientists simulate melting of water-containing rocks deep in Earth's interior, find strong evidence of large water reservoir in boundary 400 miles below surface of planet.

Animals June 14, 2014

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